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  • Spring is here. Look Your best for it..
    Matte For Men will help you do just that. Our products our simple to use yet highly effective and, unlike other men's skin care lines, we guarantee every one of them.

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  • Save $10 On Less Wrinkles and Younger Looking Skin.
    Save now on the best anti-aging moisturizer for men to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and "turkey neck." You'll see the difference within 7 days ... and we guarantee it.

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  • The Ultimate Body Powder For Men To Control Wetness And Odor.
    The natural and effective way to keep your skin cool, dry and comfortable while helping to reduce odor.  What baby powder wants to be when it grows up ...
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  • Reduce Shine. Moisturize. Protect From The Sun. All In One.
    The best non-sticky face lotion for men. Perfect for daily use on the face, head, neck and ears, this "ultimate" antioxidant-enriched moisturizer is available in a pump bottle as well as a convenient tube.

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  • You Need This Because Nose And Ear Hair Looks Good Never.
    This is the one grooming tool you need and should have. Precision made from 100% stainless steel, our high quality tweezers will easily remove unwanted hair to help keep you looking like you should. (and remember...eye brows should come in pairs)
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  • The Best Face Wipe For Men. 
    Pre-moistened, alcohol-free, disposable, 100% cotton face wipes for men clean and refresh your skin and scalp while helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Clean skin doesn’t get any easier then this.
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Matte For Men Is Real Mens Skincare   ( And Its About Time You Try It ).

What makes Matte For Men so unique? Simply put … our products work. Whether its our all in one Complete Face Care Lotion, our face wash for men, or any of our shaving products, we only offer the finest formulas available (and we guarantee it). You could spend years and hundreds of dollars searching for the best performing mens skin care products, but why would you? They are made by Matte For Men.

We also believe that great customer service is the key to a great online shopping experience so please feel free to contact us with any questions. We’ve been told that we have the best Customer Support Team in the business … and that’s coming directly from our customers.