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10 Mens Grooming Tips Women Will Love You For

February 22, 2015 1 min read

10 mens grooming tipsIsn't that the main reason we groom to begin with? Here are some of the easiest ways to help succeed in that endeavor:

1)  Lose the ear and nose hair (and yes...you have some) ... stop fighting it: you needa tweezer!

2) Don't smell...body odor is a deal breaker

3) Keep the bush trimmed ... no one likes an unkempt garden

4) Whiten your teeth if need be ...nothing says "I'm happy going home tonight alone" like yellow or stained chompers.

5) Cut your claws ... and keep your fingernails clean (scary that this actually needs to be said AND that mom was right)

6) Lose the bad breath ... another golden rule.

7) A close cousin to #3...stay odor-free everywhere but especially down there. (hint: staying dry helps). This really pays off if you get that far.

8) Shaving sucks ... but it does help in this pursuit.

9) You know what type of girls like men with pimples and oily skin??? Neither do I...keep your face clean.

10) Back hair is attractive ... never. (Bonus Tip: Neither is excess amounts of chest hair)

You're welcome. If this advice just helps one man...it was worth it!