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About Matte For Men

Simply put... Matte For Men is the premium men's grooming line that puts simplicity and results over marketing and hype. We combine the latest skin care technology with the finest ingredients to create products for men that are easy to use and incredibly effective. Our goal is to offer products that are "multi-beneficial," which allows us to reduce the number of items we sell... and you use.

Ever wonder why some of our competitor's offer a confusing number of face lotions and shave creams and gels? Its probably because none of them work very well on their own and they want you to buy multiple products. We take a different approach... our products are the best at what they do so we make it easy for men to find the right solution(think of our products the same way as you would the special wallet you finally found that is just the right size and has the perfect number of compartments to hold everything you want it to... once you've found it, you no longer need to shop for wallets!)

We offer only one shave gel because it provides the closest, smoothest shave possible.

We offer only one face lotion because it contains five benefits that men find most important (and it isn't sticky and greasy like our competitor's products).

We offer only one men's body powder because our formula is the best at keeping a man cool, dry and comfortable while helping him to stay odor-free.

We hope you see a pattern here because we incorporate this philosophy into everything we create. To us, its not about "dazzling you" with hundreds of products that may look nice sitting on your sink but don't work very well... its about using science, common sense and simplicity to develop the best choice to treat your skin well.

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