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General Questions about Matte For Men

We get a message that goes something like this almost weekly: "Hi ...I'm so & so's manager and they asked me to ask you if they could have free Matte For Men products?" To that we reply : "Please tell your client to break open his piggy bank so he can get the needed money to do what all the other actors, athletes, musicians, and politicians do...and just buy some." special treatment here: everyone's skin is equal.

Our Company is very concerned about our environment and, therefore, we try to minimize Matte For Men's impact on it. From using recycled and recyclable materials in our packaging to incorporating organic ingredients in our products where possible, Lescoja makes a concerted effort to minimize our environmental "footprint"... AND WE NEVER TEST OUR PRODUCTS ON ANIMALS!

We try to judge things by whether the result is worth the pain and trouble. We are a small, growing company with truly effective products that doesn't want to be in every store in America (or as we like to say..."notthe McDonald's of men's skin care"). We are an exclusive brand that wants to be a household name...but only in the right households!

Product Questions

Complete Face and Head Care Lotion

Absolutely! While it is perfect for men who shave their head or need extra scalp protection, Matte For Men Complete Face & Head Care Lotion can be used by all men to help care for their face, forehead, neck, and ears. These are the areas most exposed to the elements...whether you have hair or not!

Mattection™ is a special blend of chosen botanical extracts and neutraceutical ingredients that aid in protecting your face, scalp, ears, and neck. Fortified with naturally occurring antioxidants from Aloe Leaf, Olive Leaf, Green Tea, and Grape Seed extracts, Mattection™ will help protect and shield the skin from environmental pollutants and UV damage. Mattection™ helps make Matte For Men Lotion truly "Complete Face & Head Care"!

Yes. Matte For Men Complete Face & Head Care Lotion can be used anywhere your skin needs extra protection and moisturization. While it will reduce skin shine wherever it is applied, the forehead, face, and scalp are where the shine is usually most pronounced.

Matte For Men Complete Face & Head Care Lotion was developed to be an easy to use, all-in-one part of your daily routine. It is most effective when your skin in clean, for instance after showering and/or shaving, but can be used throughout the day. Matte For Men Complete Face & Head Care Lotion should be reapplied if you experience excessive perspiration.

Yes, but why would you let them ?!?

This is an easy one. Matte For Men Complete Face & Head Care Lotion is the only all-in-one product that is easy to use and is NOT greasy! It is the first product of its kind to combine superior moisturization and an anti-shine formula, with a highly effective sunscreen. Once you've tried it, the answer to this question becomes obvious!

Yes. Matte For Men Complete Face & Head Care Lotion is intended to be used whenever you want extra moisturization, superior protection, or just want to reduce unwanted skin shine.

This depends on many factors such as the temperature and how much you perspire. In regard to its ability to reduce your skin's shine, you will easily be able to tell just by looking in the mirror if you may need to reapply Matte For Men Complete Face & Head Care Lotion. When it comes to providing protection, it needs to be reapplied when perspiration occurs. It is not intended to be used while swimming or during activities in which you may get wet.

Absolutely. When a small amount of the lotion is left on the cap, it will become dehydrated over time resulting in a slight color change. The product remaining in the tube is unchanged and very effective.

Under almost all situations, the lotion is completely invisible once it has been applied and rubbed in. The exception is when Matte For Men Complete Face & Head Care Lotion is exposed to "black light," in which case the product becomes visible. This is caused by one of the organic sunscreens which is absorbing light essence, showing that it is working to protect the skin.

Antioxidant Shave Gel

Yes, but why would you let them ?!?

Simply's unique because of its concentrated antioxidant formula making it the best shave gel available! All that is needed to get a close, smooth shave while helping to protect your skin and/or scalp, is a small, quarter-size amount. Applied to your wet hands and massaged onto the area to be shaved, its non-foaming formula will allow you to see where the razor is going...allowing you to easily shape and define facial hair as well as side burns. Try it...words don't do it justice!

Complete Cleansing Cloths

Easy...any time you want to clean and refresh your face! Matte For Men Complete Cleansing Cloths are pre-moistened so that you can keep clean when soap and water just aren't handy. As an added bonus, our formula helps your skin to look great by fighting fine lines and wrinkles!

Unlike some other "wipes," our cloths are made from cotton, not paper. This makes them much stronger. While other products will "shred" on razor stubble, ours will not. Even though our Matte For Men Complete Cleansing Cloths are environmentally "friendly," they are not septic-tank "friendly" and therefore should be disposed of in the trash.

Antioxidant Daily Facial Cleanser

Yes! When we set out to produce the most effective cleanser available, we had just one goal in mind: make it gentle enough to use everyday (since dirt and impurities don't take days off) while making sure it was still extremely effective. Goal achieved.

Man Powder

Anywhere you sweat from the neck down. Since it is great for controlling wetness and odor, we suggest places like under your arms, on your feet, and especially "down below." This is THE body powder for men!

Simple... our unique combination of the finest, most effective ingredients available. We start with finely milled, pharmaceutical-grade premium cornstarch and add in just the right amounts of pure baking soda and aloe extract. Then we add a light citrus scent, which dissipates quickly and won’t leave you smelling like a baby. The result... the best body powder for men!

Handcrafted Natural Cleansing Bar

Absolutely as it is formulated to be gently enough to use everywhere. When using our cleansing bar for the first time, we recommend applying it to a wet wash cloth first to help soften it.

Lip Balm

Where do we begin??? First (and most importantly), ours works! We use all-natural, organic moisturizers to insure your lips are properly cared for (we encourage you to read our ingredients). Secondly, our lip balm doesn’t leave a glossy shine on your lips like our competitor’s products do (if that is what you are looking for…we’re sorry but you’ll have to keep using your girlfriend’s lip balm). Finally, we put ours in a convenient twist tube so you care for your lips like a man without having to use a dainty "lip gloss-like" squeeze tube. Enough said...

Fixx Advanced Repair Moisturizer

While we do recommend its use before going to bed, another perfect time to apply it is after a shower and/or a shave. Not only will it soothe recently shaved skin, but Fixx will continue to moisturize and help repair your skin throughout the day.

Precision Grooming Tweezers

Yes ... simply run the ends over an emery board to fine-tune the tips.

Of course! Take a hot shower or use a warm washcloth to help open up pores before tweezing. Also, tweeze one hair at a time to lesson the effort needed to remove hair.