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Employee Of The Decade

January 23, 2017 2 min read

steve summersMatte For Men is quickly approaching its 10 year anniversary and I've been reflecting lately on what has helped get us to this point. Certainly products that are effective and easy to use are key, but there is more to it than that ... it also takes the dedication and willingness to help people and a desire to be the best at what you do. And that, my friends, is Steve Summers in just a few simple words.

For those of you that don't know him, Steve has been heading up our Customer Support Department since we began the company in 2007. Yes, he's the guy you speak with any time you have a question or need help addressing a problem. He's also the guy that I've gotten literally hundreds of emails about telling me what a great job he does directly from customers themselves. Not that this surprises me as there are very few people I respect as much as this man.

I know that this is going to embarrass him, but it needs to be said because in this day and age, there are just too few "Steve Summers" in this world:

Steve's dedication to his family, friends, and job is second to none. This is a guy that lives "treat everyone like you would want to be treated" everyday (quick story... a few month's back, a customer ordered our Complete Face Care Lotion and Man Powder for their upcoming trip abroad. When the package was misplaced by the post office, Steve jumped into his car after work and DROVE a new package over to the customer's home ... which was 75 miles away... to make sure he got it before his trip). Besides his never-waning dedication to Matte For Men, Steve is an incredible husband and father to two beautiful daughters. While I'll never fully understand his passion for camping, I do know that his desire to always do better and be of help to others  is one of the greatest reasons for our company's success.

Steve, while I may not say it enough, please always know that I consider you a trusted friend, an amazing peer, and most importantly, a great man.