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How To Apply Mens Body Powder

March 02, 2017 2 min read

powderWe often hear from customers asking "what is the best way to apply/use our Man Powder?"(clearly the guy pictured to the left has no clue) so we thought we'd spend a few moments outlining the way we recommend using our (or any) powder so you gain the maximum benefit:

1) The best time to apply a body powder is after a shower or bath,when the skin is clean. Make sure to only apply it after you have dried off so it will be at its most effective. Remember ... powder is designed to absorb moisture so if there is still water on your skin after bathing, it will try and soak it up ... making it less effective in handling your perspiration.

2) We prefer applying it on your hand first  and then applying it to the targeted area as opposed to 'sprinkling" it directly on the area you intend to address. The main reason is twofold: first, it will make much less of a mess  AND it will save you from wasting the powder since it is more than likely to end up on "unintended" areas.

3) If you are applying it "down below," one of our favorite tips is to apply the powder AFTER you have your underwear on as this will keep the powder from simply falling to the ground. More product will remain on your skin and less will make it to the floor.

4) If using powder, don't use a moisturizer first. These two products don't play well together!

5) Always try to use a body powder in a well-ventilated room as you really don't want to breath in any powder or powder-like substance, as it can lead to breathing problems.

6) Finally, always avoid contact with your eyes and broken skin.

The hope is that these simple "tips" will allow you to derive the maximum benefit from one of our most effective products and insure that you receive the longest lasting odor and wetness protection possible.