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Men's Grooming: What Women Find Important

November 04, 2019 1 min read

The wait is finally over and we are ready to release the information that will change your views (and strategy) when it comes to your grooming routine. We spent ten's of days and hundreds of cents speaking to twenty five women aged 21 to 45, and asked them to rank what are the most important men's grooming issues to them when it comes to finding a man attractive. Here are the top 10 in order of importance...

  1. No body odor (by far and away the "top" on almost every lady's list)
  2. Fresh breath / clean teeth
  3. Clean skin (which included a clear completion and a lack of skin shine)
  4. Well-groomed facial hair
  5. Clipped finger and toe nails
  6. Genital odor (don't ask)
  7. A stylish haircut
  8. No presence of ear and nose hair
  9. A well-trimmed "private" area
  10. Soft/smooth skin

Well gents...there you have it. The ladies were kind enough to share this information with the hopes that we do something with it.