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Real Men Use Skin Care?

October 16, 2012 1 min read

happy guySimply put....yes! Everywhere we go, we get this question and, quite honestly, I'm shocked by it. Let me tell you why....

First have been using some form of skin care since the dawn of time. Soap has been around for eons and no one is going to make fun of a guy for using it! What about shave cream??? Was Abe Lincoln less of a man because he used shave cream to keep that facial hair looking presidential? You get the picture...many types of "skin care" products have been around for a long time...they've just gotten better. Which brings me to my second point...

If there are products that can make a man's life simpler, easier, and better...why wouldn't you use them??? Through modern science and technology (and in some cases...good old natural), we have developed said products to help care for and protect your skin in an easy and effective manner. Just because Abe had to mix his own shave cream, doesn't mean YOU have to...

Let me close on this thought about men's skin care products: We aren't saying that a "guy's guy" should stand in front of a mirror and spend hours using chemical peels to look good, but we ARE saying why not use a few simple and effective  men's skin care products to look and feel your absolute best? Being smart about caring for your skin makes you more of a man...not less!