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The 25 Best Foods For Mens Skin

April 27, 2015 3 min read

25 best foods for men's skinOK ... sit down. I've got some news for you that you may not want to hear: Yep ... what you eat affects your skin's health and appearance.

So thanks to our friends at, we are going to share with you the best 25 foods for your skin and why they are so good:

  1.  Olive Oil - Helps protect against damaging "free radicals"
  2. Tomatoes - An ingredient known as "lycopene" helps increase the skin's natural SPF level
  3. Dark Chocolate- Rich in "cocoa flavanols", it can help hydrate skin and improve circulation.
  4. Oatmeal - The whole grain kind is a much better pick than a bagel which will prompt your body to produce oil that can cause pimples.
  5. Sardines - The omega-3 fatty acids contained in these little guys have an "anti-inflammatory" effect which can help reduce acne (and improve heart health).
  6. Green Tea - Drinking this can make your skin more elastic and smooth, while boosting blood flow and oxygen to your skin.
  7. Kale - Great for fighting those dreaded "free radicals" and adding some skin-firming vitamin A and C to your diet.
  8. Walnuts - The only nut that contains beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.
  9. Orange Peel - Studies have shown that folks that actually ate the peel have a 33% less chance of getting squamous cell carcinoma.
  10. Grass-Fed Beef - Rich in omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids , and protein, which is the building block for collagen and elastin tissue.
  11. Rosemary - This herb packs a ton of antioxidants which help protect the skin from damaging free radicals from the sun.
  12. Almond Milk - This makes the list because of what it is NOT ... which is dairy. Dairy products are highly inflammatory which can cause wrinkles, rashes, and acne.
  13. Water - It keeps your skin hydrated making it appear more plump and less wrinkled.
  14. Soy - Eating enough can lead to  fewer fine  lines and improved skin elasticity.
  15. Oysters - A great source of zinc, which plays an important role in the growth and function of skin cells.
  16. Yellow Bell Peppers- Another great source of free radical-fighting antioxidants.
  17. Coffee (yeah!) - Folks that drank coffee every day had an 11% lower prevalence of non-melanoma skin cancer.
  18. Kiwi - Packed with vitamin C which stimulates collagen synthesis, keeping skin taught and reducing fine lines.
  19. Eggs - They offer up a hefty dose of protein without a ton of fat ... which has been linked to skin aging.
  20. Pumpkin - Cooked pumpkin is a good source of beta-carotene ... which the body converts into vitamin A needed for skin cell growth.
  21. Red Wine (yeah again!) - Reduces skin lesions caused by long-term sun damage and contains anti-tumor properties.
  22. Sunflower Seeds - The vitamin E contained in these seeds can help keep you pimple-free.
  23. Carrots - Eating them can help give your skin a natural glow by adding more yellow tones.
  24. Mackerel - A great source of vitamin B12...which helps keep your skin even-toned.
  25. Chickpeas - They can help reduce painful inflamed pimples and red spots. Low on the "glycemic index", they are rich in protein and fiber.

And there you have it ... stuff you can eat to help your skin look and feel its best (trust me ...I read the list a few times looking for a "double-double" from In-N-Out too).