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The Only Shelf We Want To Be On Is Yours

August 13, 2013 2 min read

matte for men"Do we want Matte For Men on every store shelf  in America?" you ask. Well, simply

This may sound you would think it would be in our best interest to sell Matte For Men to every retailer in the good old U.S. of A. Why wouldn't we as more stores that we sell to, the more money we would make. This would indeed be true if all we cared about was making money...but thats not the case for us. We have to enjoy what we do AND the effort has to be worth the reward. Here a a few facts that may help you understand this seemingly backwards view point:

1) Dealing with most retailers do I say this...hmmm...a pain in the ass. They have no loyalty , expect companies like mine to financially support them, and don't necessarily care about offering the best products to their customers.

2) "Not a good reason" you say? How about this...for me isn't any fun dealing with them. Like every other new business owner... I played the "game" for a few years: calling national retailers, flying to meet with them, and spending hours making sales presentations. More often than not, these folks loved our brand and wanted it for their stores but then it happened: inevitably the buyer got burnt out and left or got fired due to restructuring and we had to start all over again...more flights...more presentations...more time wasted. On top of that...these huge retailers kept asking for more and more support...more and more money...more and more resources. That's when it hit me: This "cycle" just wasn't enjoyable or profitable AND wasn't furthering our goal of offering the best in men's skin care.

The light bulb then went could get better service, better products, and a more enjoyable shopping experience just by visiting for their skin care needs. No more having to drive to the more worrying if the store was more being "sold" products that you don't need and that don't work by someone that only cares about meeting his or her "quota". You can now visit our site , ask any questions you'd like, and give our products a try without ever having to leave the comfort of your humble abode.

Please know that there are indeed some great retailers out their and we are already doing business with a number of them. The stores we want Matte For Men in have to offer their customers a great shopping experience and add value ... because if they don't, we'll let the "mega brands" have the pleasure of collecting dust on their shelves. In the meantime ... the only shelf we really care about being on is yours.

As a good friend of mine always says "We want to be a household name ... but only in the right households."