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The Only Two Things A Man Needs Below His Waist

November 15, 2012 2 min read

tushy wipesWe've thought long (no pun intended) and hard (again, no pun intended) about it, and there are two items that every man should use from the waist down to stay comfortable all day AND keep you from being embarrassed on that rare occasion that your pants need to come off....

Item # 1: Tushy Wipes - Laugh if you must, but these pre-moistened towelettes remove things no regular toilet paper will. Think of it this way ... when you REALLY want to get your face clean after eating that blueberry pie, you don't just use a dry napkin, do you? Keep a pack near the abode at home and we promise you that you won't be itchin' later on...

Item # 2: Body Powder - If you already use it, you know what I mean. If not, you don't know what youre missing! Let me start by saying this... we all sweat down below. Its a fact...when skin rubs together, it get warm and we tend to perspire. The second fact is that sweat doesn't lend itself to comfort, but it does lend itself to odor. No worries though ... there is a simple solution that everyone has used, but most of us have forgotten about...and that's baby powder. Think back to the days when you were expected to poop and pee in your pants... thats it...close your eyes....its all coming back to you'd go to the bathroom at the drop of a dime and moments later, someone...most likely your mom...would pick you up, lay you down, change your diaper, and then...wait for it...wait for it.....sprinkle a little talc on the old tush.  AHHHHHHHHH! What a nice, dry feeling. are in luck because there are products you can use that will give you that same feeling and won't make you smell like a baby. Our advice: choose one that is all made feom all natural cornstarch for extra absorbancy and contains baking soda to help control odor. Matte For Men Man Powder fits the bill nicely as it also contains aloe to soothe your skin and has a nice light citrus scent that disappears quickly.

Armed with just these two items..."skid marks", "cling-ons", "sweaty balls", and "bat wings" will be a thing of the past (not to mention, you'll be prepared for whatever causes your pants to drop unexpectedly)