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The Three Things A Man Should Do After A Shower

November 04, 2019 2 min read

I may not be the brightest bulb on the tree, but there are a few "tricks" I've picked up during my 56 years on this earth. Here are three things that are definitely better to do after taking a hot shower:

1) Trim  Your Nails- Why? Because your toe and finger nails will be much easier to cut after the steam of the shower has worked its magic. I have also found that when they are softer, they are much less likely to crack or split. Whatever...just try it and you'll immediately see why doing ti afterwards is to your advantage.

2) Squeeze Your Zit- First the disclaimer: I am NOT a dermatologist but I do know what works for me. I still get the occasional pimple (that's're never too old!), and here's what I do to zap it: First...I let it get to the "whitehead stage" so I know that squeezing it will indeed yield a "jackpot". Then, after getting out of the shower, I attack it with a gentle squeeze ... which is all it should take since the steam of the warm water should open up your pores, making it easier to "pop" it. I know when to stop when I see a little blood coming out...thats when I know that the puss is all gone. At that point, I just blot it dry and go on my merry way. Do note that there will indeed be a scab there until it heals but I'll take a scab anytime over a whitehead thank you very much. (again...this is an approach that seems to work for me...try it at your own risk!)

3) Shave-I am hesitant to put this on the list because I think that it is best to shave IN the shower but some guys just don't feel comfortable handling sharp instruments without a mirror in front of them so this is the second best option. Once again, our new friend "Mr. Steam" works wonders on your stubble, making it softer, so it is easier to remove with a razor. No magic here ... just good, sound shaving advice.

These are 3 simple tips that every man can try ...unless you don't have a shower ( and then you've got bigger issues than nail length and zits).