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The Two Reasons Most Men Dont Use Skincare

May 24, 2017 2 min read

wondering manAfter being in the men's skincare business for over ten years now, I'm often asked "Why don't more men take better care of their skin?' Without having to conduct scientific studies or poll 1000's of guys, the answer came to me instantly the first time I was asked. It all boils down to two very simple reasons... naivete and/or laziness.

1) Naiveté - Personally, I believe that this is the main cause for men not taking care of their skin. We are just never really "taught" the reasons we should take care of / protect our skin as we age. Unlike women, whose mothers usually pull them aside to teach them how and when to use different sorts of make-up, the only training we get is boiled down to "hey son, don't forget to put on your Coppertone before going to the beach!" Although I must say my Dad did show me what he thought was the best way to shave, but that's where the education ended. I do wish he spent some time educating me on the proper / most effective way to protect my face and help keep it from showing the signs of aging ... but what the heck, back then, guys were still putting iodine in baby oil and using it as suntan lotion so I guess its really not his fault.

2) Laziness - For this, there really is no excuse. I know that as younger men, we feel like we are invincible. I just wish we caught on a bit quicker because caring for your skin at an earlier age can make all the difference in keeping you skin looking and feeling its best as you enter your senior years. "I just don't have the time ... Im so busy!" Bullshit! With multi-beneficial products available (i.e. Matte For Men Complete Face Care Lotion with SPF 30), who really doesn't have the 12 seconds a day it takes to apply it properly or the 6 seconds it takes to clean your face with Matte For Men Complete Cleansing Cloths???

 Let me end my little rant with this very deep thought ... your parents may have been the first to blame for not educating you on both the health benefits and "beauty" benefits of spending a few minutes a day caring for your skin, but NOW you have no one to blame but that wrinkled guy with the turkey neck starring you back in the mirror.