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UPDATE: A Review Of Harrys Shaving Products

September 14, 2016 3 min read

UPDATE: A Review Of Harrys Shaving ProductsWay back in December of 2014, I posted my thoughts on Harry's products. To refresh your memory, here is what I wrote:

"We get this question all of the time: "What razor and blades do you recommend?". I guess it makes sense...we ARE a men's grooming company after all. I've always recommended the "Power" model of the Gillette Fusion but thought I'd give another brand a whirl. If you're like me...you've most likely seen a ton of ads for a relatively new shaving company called "Harry's" on places like Facebook. Given their marketing offensive, I thought I'd give them a try.

Initial impressions:Great looking website and nice packaging.

What I ordered: "The Winston Set" which is comprised of a razor made of aluminum, a few of their blades, a can of their "Hydrating Foaming Gel" and a razor case.

What I got: Everything mentioned above in a very nice display box.

My thoughts after using their products:

The razor and blades:

Pros: Very nice feel and weight. Nice quality handle. Price.

Cons: The razor slipped out of my hands constantly when wet so it was difficult to get a grip and easy to lose control...this is a major problem.  While the blades didn't "pull", I noticed I had to re-shave the same areas multiple times to get a close shave.

Their shave gel:


Cons:Heavily scented, not very lubricating, and once again...I had to re-shave the same areas over and over to get a somewhat close shave. While this may sound a bit self-serving (and it is...but its also very true!)... Matte For Men Antioxidant Shave  Gel puts theirs to shame. Its much more lubricating, moisturizing, and results in a closer, more comfortable shave.

Conclusion: Im sticking with my Gillette Fusion. The handle is much easier to grip and therefore more precise. The blades result in a noticeably closer shave and also have a "trimmer" blade that Harry's doesn't offer.  In summary...Harry's products look nice, are cheaper, and come in a nice box, but for performance... the Fusion is still champ."

SEPTEMBER 2016 UPDATE: A few months back, I received an email from them announcing that they had "re-engineered" their Winston Razor with the biggest improvement being that they added "no-slip" handle (as you can see from the review above, this was one of the biggest negatives I pointed out about their razors). Once I saw this email, I responded to it asking if they would consider replacing the one I had ordered months ago with this new and improved version. Within minutes, I received an email from their customer service team stating that they would be happy to, and within a few hours, I received another message letting me know that it had already shipped! 

When it arrived, not only did it come with one of their new and improved blades, but it also had my initials stamped on the handle. I give their customer service team a responding "A+" for handing this so efficiently and professionally. I was excited to give these newer versions a try and here are my "updated" thoughts:

The razor was indeed much easier to grip, especially when my hands were wet from the shower. This made a huge difference in control. The The biggest improvement in their blades was that they added a 'trimmer" blade to address those hard-to-reach spots, like under your nose. Just like the new grip handle, this was a MAJOR improvement. Using the both together made me change my opinion about their shaving system. I will indeed be using their products more often given their improved performance and reasonable prices. I would have to summarize it this way: If Gillette Fusion is Nordstroms" and Harry's is "Target"... there are times where price and performance outweigh "luxury"  (btw... in this scenario, Dollar Shave Club blades would be akin to that dingy Walmart you only go into when you have to).

My hat goes off to you Harry's ... great customer service AND a dramatically improved product.