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What To Use After Shaving For Sensitive Skin

September 02, 2014 2 min read

matte for menDepending on the your skin, the razor and the shave cream / gel you use , razor burn, bumps, and dry itchy skin can be common results when you shave. First let me give you my recommendations for achieving the closet, most comfortable shave possible and then I will tell you about a product that you should already be using that I just found out is AMAZING to use after shaving as well.

First, my simple list for a great shave:

1) Shave in the shower...the steam will do wonders for your results.

2) The best razor to use: Gillette Fusion (I use the "Power" model because I like things that vibrate AND it helps me achieve a closer shave).

3) The best shave gel to use: Matte For Men Antioxidant Shave Gel for all of the reasons that Ive stated in the past.

 Now on to the discovery I just made by chance that I want to share with you. To totally calm sensitive skin after shaving, try applying a small amount of Fixx Advanced Repair Moisturizer to the shaved area. I know...I know ... it sounds self serving to recommend a product we make but I am telling you...it works wonders. Ive found  that Fixx not only helps repair damage to the skin that occurs over time, but its moisturizers help immediately heal and soothe sensitive skin after the brutal act of shaving. It also absorbs quickly and easily into the skin so you're not left with any residue or stickiness. Give it a whirl ...since we have a "30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee" on all of our products...you've got nothing to lose and shaving nirvana to gain.