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Why Fall Can Be The Worst Season For A Mans Skin

October 24, 2016 2 min read

fallI love the fall just as much as the next guy (in fact...its my favorite season), but here is a little known fact about the time of the year that brings cooler temperatures, less humidity, and some of the most beautiful colors Mother Nature has to offer: We often let our guard down when it comes to skin care during these welcome months. The result: much of the damage that we tried to avoid during the summer, is done to our skin now and we don't even know it.

This is actually a pretty simple issue to explain: During the summer, the sun feels stronger, the temperatures are higher, and the days are longer which results in us "feeling" the effects of spending time outdoors. This signals a constant reminder to us that something is affecting us externally, which, more often than not, reminds us to take precautions. However, during autumn, the opposite is true. With cooler temperatures and shortening daylight hours, we often feel "refreshed" and a sense of relief, which sometimes "lulls" us into a false sense of security when it comes to taking care of ourselves and our skin.

Keep in mind the following as you enjoy these incredible months: The sun's harmful effects are just as damaging during these cooler months and the air in your office is just as dry. Another fun fact: even though you may be driving now with your window "up," UV rays can still penetrate the glass and can damage your skin (That's why most skin cancer cases on the face occur on the left-hand side of your head).

The solution??? Just continue the routine you maintained during the summer months. By doing so, you won't "give back" the benefits you achieved by being more proactive and on guard. Now that you are aware of fall's "little surprise", go outside and enjoy this amazing time of year!