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A Review of Harrys Shaving Products

December 04, 2014 2 min read

razorWe get this question all of the time: "What razor and blades do you recommend?". I guess it makes sense...we ARE a men's grooming company after all. I've always recommended the "Power" model of the Gillette Fusion but thought I'd give another brand a whirl. If you're like me...you've most likely seen a ton of ads for a relatively new shaving company called "Harry's" on places like Facebook. Given their marketing offensive, I thought I'd give them a try.

Initial impressions:Great looking website and nice packaging.

What I ordered: "The Winston Set" which is comprised of a razor made of aluminum, a few of their blades, a can of their "Hydrating Foaming Gel" and a razor case.

What I got: Everything mentioned above in a very nice display box.

My thoughts after using their products:

The razor and blades:

Pros: Very nice feel and weight. Nice quality handle. Price.

Cons: The razor slipped out of my hands constantly when wet so it was difficult to get a grip and easy to lose control...this is a major problem.  While the blades didn't "pull", I noticed I had to re-shave the same areas multiple times to get a close shave.

Their shave gel:


Cons:Heavily scented, not very lubricating, and once again...I had to re-shave the same areas over and over to get a somewhat close shave. While this may sound a bit self-serving (and it is...but its also very true!)... Matte For Men Antioxidant Shave  Gel puts theirs to shame. Its much more lubricating, moisturizing, and results in a closer, more comfortable shave.

Conclusion: Im sticking with my Gillette Fusion. The handle is much easier to grip and therefore more precise. The blades result in a noticeably closer shave and also have a "trimmer" blade that Harry's doesn't offer.  In summary...Harry's products look nice, are cheaper, and come in a nice box, but for performance... the Fusion is still champ.