Review Of The New Matte For Men Complete Face Care Lotion with SPF 30

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Review Of The New Matte For Men Complete Face Care Lotion with SPF 30

December 03, 2014 3 min read

matte for menAs you may know, we ran a contest where if you wrote a review about our new Complete Face Care formula, you were entered to win a brand new Saddleback Leather Travel Case. Before we announce the winner, we'd like to thank everyone for their honest feedback.

Now for the winner....drum roll please...Congratulations to Richard Sellano!Richard wrote the following review and we will be sending him his prize shortly:

"Sometimes in life you have to ask yourself, “How did the best just get better?” Yet, everything about the new Complete Head and Face Lotion is better… Matte for Men has me as a client for life! Finding them, among the many brands of men’s and unisex skincare, was like finding just the right fit. Like finding that one car in your life that can be everything you want – or something as simple as finding the right razor blade. After all, every man is different. Unlike the simplicity that Matte for Men promotes, which quickly leads to that “just right feel” and cuts through the mania of choices for me, especially when many skin care lines over-complicate their offerings. Perhaps, that’s because most are extensions of women’s lines pared back a bit and repackaged in blue or grey tubes to interest men. They are the wrong products at the wrong prices. Matte for Men should be where the buzz is! There’s one product in each category, and as the founder says, “is the best at what it does.” Nothing exemplifies this more than their Complete Face and Head Care Lotion. The lotion, smartly packaged in pump size for your home bath and in a tube for those of us who travel for business, is the best facial care product I’ve ever used. I began to seriously care for my face at 18, not out of vanity, but in hope that something would help my terrible acne. After that cleared, I explored other products and – I’ll admit that – I was seduced by the claims that the costly ones made. I fell into the trap of thinking more expensive and more complicated was better. The day I shaved my thinning hair to a totally clean scalp was my epiphany. I ran to my PC because after two hours my head was shiny and slick. I searched the web for products to help. That’s how I discovered Matte for Men. And especially the Complete Face and Head Lotion! To this day, I can’t believe the results! Whether the original, which I loved, or the new formula (which has somehow exceeded the original). After showering and shaving my head, I apply the lotion, which seems to spread even more easily now, covering my face, ears, and neck. Hopefully everyone knows the dangers of sun exposure, and if nothing else turns to the Lotion for its even higher SPF of 30. As it dries, you may notice a subtle, all-natural smell of citrus, also new to this version – and a nice pick-me-up in the morning, though hardly over-bearing. The “Anti-Shine” choice, which prevents any oily face breakthrough (and that so-unprofessional oily scalp) for me during a 12-hour business day, also moisturizes, conditions, calms, fights break-outs, and now goes so far as to help even skin tone and reduces the appearance of age spots. Another edge for head shavers! When it’s the right fit, you know it through and through. As long as they make their terrific Matte for Men products, especially the Complete Face and Head Lotion, I’ll have innumerable shine-free miles ahead of me. Thanks, Matte for Men for an amazing line-up! Oh, be sure to try the Shave Gel, as well as the entire line-up!"