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Flip Flops and Summer ... What Every Man Needs To Know

June 13, 2013 1 min read

toe nailsPoint One: Yes, men can and SHOULD wear flip flops during the summer. Your feet deserve to enjoy the fine weather as much as you do ... just wear them when appropriate. (beach, running errands...yes; office, nice restaurant...probably not)

Point Two (and its a biggie): CLIP YOUR FREAKIN' TOENAILS!!! Its an absolute shame that this has to be pointed out, but apparently it does. Look, guys are lucky that we don't have to (or want to) run to get a pedicure every week, but the least we can do is trim our toenails on a regular basis. Recently Ive noticed how many men aren't doing this but yet have the balls to walk around with "talons" long enough to pick up small birds. Dude...if you are going to be comfortable by wearing your flip flops ... fine, but  for the love of all that is holy, don't make us uncomfortable by having to see your feet! All we ask is that you take 2 minutes every few weeks to trim your claws.

And for this ... we thank you.