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How To Care For Your Balls

July 23, 2015 2 min read

ballsWARNING: # 1: By "balls," we mean "testicles."

WARNING # 2: There is NO video (which I am sure your are thrilled about).

You may be surprised to hear that at least a few times every month, our phone rings and the guy on the other end asks something like " How do I use your Man Powder?". The first thing Steve will answer is that Man Powder was made to be used anywhere you sweat. After some discussion about using our all-natural cornstarch and baking soda formula around your armpits and on your feet, the conversation inevitably ends up with how to use the body powder "between your legs" where sweat, friction, and yes, odor, can be an issue for millions of men.

So need to read any further...but for men...get your notebook and pen ready ... its time to learn the proper way to powder your balls:

  1. After bathing, towel dry all over.
  2. You now have a choice: to powder naked or after putting on your underwear. I prefer to slip into my boxer-briefs first as I find that the underwear helps keep the powder from falling on the floor and getting all over the place.
  3. With my underwear half-way down my legs, I open the bottle of Man Powder and shake some into my right hand.
  4. With my left hand, I raise my "package" and apply the powder under my scrotum and between my legs.
  5. I pull up my underwear, apply some powder to my armpits, get dressed, and enjoy the rest of my day knowing that I will be cool and comfortable in these key areas.

A few pointers worth noting:

  • Some guys like to use the "shake" method whereby they take the bottle of Man Powder and simply shake some powder onto the area in question. I find this approach messy and wasteful because much of the product ends up somewhere you didn't intend it to go (i.e. the floor or your clothes).
  • Depending on environmental factors like the temperature and how much you sweat, you can "freshen up" throughout the day as needed ... just make sure you don't do it in the middle of your office.
  • Finally ... if you've never used powder on your balls simply do not know what you are missing. I could go on and on about things like less friction, less stickiness, and more comfort, but unless you've tried it, its hard for me to truly convey the feeling Man Powder offers. 
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