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The Mens Traveling Skincare Regimen

June 07, 2015 2 min read

punta mitaA week in beautiful Punta Mita, Mexico had me thinking... "I'm on vacation so I shouldn't be worrying about my skin." Well...more easily said then done..

What can I tell's skincare is my business and this is what I do, but being on vacation means I want to take things a bit easier...including making sure my skin is being taken care of as simply and easily as possible.

So here is what I do when I'm thinking of more important things like snorkeling and whether I'll be drinking beer or wine with tonight's catch of the day... I bring just four "easy to pack" Matte For Men products with me:

  1. Complete Face Care Lotion - It does so many things well how could I not bring it??? Granted...the pump isn't the easiest thing to pack, so I just place some in a  a re-usable travel bottle and I'm good to go. 
  2. Complete Cleansing Cloths - Perfect for use after any activity or cleansing your face before bed. Its been said that you can actually see your day's activities on the cloth after using it.
  3. Fixx - Perfect for sunburned skin or after a long, hot shower. Fixx helps repair the damage a day outdoors can cause. a little in a travel bottle to make it easy to bring a long.
  4. Man Powder - What can I Man Powder, no comfort. It comes with me EVERYWHERE I go. It was developed for use in warm weather to take great care of your skin all over.

That's it in a nutshell... when I travel, I try to keep things simple (including my skincare regiment). While I'll miss using the other products ... I simply cannot live (or travel) without these four.