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How To Choose A Men's Skin Care Line

February 12, 2013 3 min read

matte for menDoes this sound familiar? You knew that you needed a few things to help protect and care for your skin, so you head down to a department store or some women's cosmetic store looking for some answers. You walk in, ask a salesperson where you can find men's skin care products and they direct you over to a seemingly endless wall of confusion as all you can see are hundred's of products that all look the same. Frustrated, you leave or end up getting some sales pitch from a woman that has never tried any of the products she is recommending (but probably could use some of that shave gel on her upper lip). Take heed my brother ... here are a few bits of advice from a guy that started his own skin care line because he was tired of following the herd:

1) Avoid brands that offer different "levels" of products ... like "premium", "super premium", and "ultra premium". This just kills me ...these fakes offer a line of products and then introduce a more expensive line that promises to be more effective if you just pay more. NEWSFLASH: How about just offering the best products you can formulate??? What they are telling you by introducing a second line is that they didn't do a very good job creating the first.

2) Avoid brands that offer many variants of the same product... I mean how many shave creams can you use??? There are so many brands that break this "Golden Rule" that it is almost laughable. No wonder guys are confused about which products to use! There is a large shaving company that offers 20 different shave creams...for goodness about just selling us the one the works the best? (OK ... a little self promotion here ...Matte For Men only offers the best product at a specific task. For instance, Matte For Men Antioxidant Shave Gel is simply the best shave gel for getting a close, comfortable shave with little to no irritation. Why would we ...or have to...offer any others?)

3) Choose a brand that doesn't tell you that you have to use a multitude of products to look your best as this just simply isn't true. You don't need to use a lot of products ... just ones that work.

4) Find products that are simple to use. The easier they are to work into your busy schedule, the better chance that you are going to stick with them. I know it sounds obvious ... but read some of the directions on my competitor's labels ... your eyes will start to bleed.

5) Read  the ingredient list but know what you are looking at ... Don't be fooled by made up ingredient names that sound effective like "Super Beta Organic Wheat Juice". Also know that ""organic" doesn't always equal "effective". (Matte For Men uses organic ingredients where they make sense like in our Hand Crafted Natural Cleansing Bar).

6) Don't be stupid... I can promise you that the salesperson trying to sell you a particular brand is probably paid by that brand to promote its products and/or has never tried the product that they are trying to sell you. (It would be like me trying to sell a woman panty hose ...what the heck do I know about panty hose??? ...insert joke here...). REMEMBER: The best advice comes from men that have actually used that product.

My final thought:Don't over-think it ... using a few simple, effective products regularly can make a world of difference in how you look and feel.