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3 Things A Man Should Do in the Shower...

February 05, 2013 1 min read

showerThere are a few things best left for a nice, hot shower besides washing your hair and body. The following are our three most important:

1) Shave - I know, I know ... it takes a little practice to get used to it as you've been shaving by the sink for so long, but trust us on this one: the steam from the shower will greatly improve your shaving experience and reduce cuts / nicks and shaving irritation.

2) Squeeze a zit - If you are going to do it, NOW is the time. Again, the steam will make it much easier to "pop" that little reminder of your youth and make it less painful. (Bonus Tip- its also best to wait until you see a whitehead!)

3) Trim your nails - OK, OK...you should do this RIGHT AFTER you shower but we promise if you do it then, you'll forgive us for lack of "in shower" timing. After getting out of the shower is when your nails are at their softest so cutting them is a breeze. Once you try it, you'll never go back to trimming them on a bus or in an airplane (by the way ... we hate you for grossing us out when we travel).

 So friends, repeat after me: "Steam Is Our Friend...Steam Is Our Friend..."

PS - Yes there are a few more things men can do in the shower, but we'll let you figure those out on your own.