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My Review Of Tommy John Underwear

June 27, 2016 2 min read

My Review Of Tommy John UnderwearSo every now and then I venture outside the world of men's skincare to share my thoughts on other things that can contribute to a man's health and well-being. In this segment, I tackle underwear ... that's right, men's underwear. "Why?" you may ask. Well because there really is no other piece of clothing that can make or break a man's day so dramatically than your "second skin" (and I kept hearing how "great" this brand was from Howard Stern, that it peaked my interest). So after trying both the Tommy John v-neck tee and mid-brief underpants, I thought I'd share my thoughts with you so you can decide if they really are the greatest things since ... well .... underpants. Lets take a closer look at the tees and underpants separately:

1) Let's review the underpants first since I wear underpants MUCH more often than white tees. Overall, I have to say that I really like the "cut" of them. They claim to have something called a "contour pouch" which really does fit the area well without "pinching" or "binding". I also like the "quick draw fly" for easy access when your the one running to the urinal to ruin the "penny to you pee" happy hour for everyone. While it takes a little getting used to since its a horizontal opening versus the vertical one I've used for the last 53 years, its nice but certainly not a "revolutionary" improvement in men's skivvies. The fabric is a cotton blend that is light and extremely easy to stretch. The only slight negative I experienced, was that the leg openings were a little to snug for me so their ad that claims "they created underwear that feels like your are wearing nothing at all" isn't quite true as it takes a little getting used to.

3) In regards to their men's v neck tee, I wasn't quite as "smitten". First, I thought the material to be somewhat thin and a little too see-through. I also think that they are cut too narrow which makes them a bit tight (I bought a package of "XL's" which is the the size I usually wear). The thing that really made the decision to return them easy though is simply the cut of the v-neck. I found it way too almost has a feminine shape to it if that makes any sense. Unless you are a 6' 2" male model that weighs 170 pounds, this tee shirt probably won't look good on you ... especially if you are exposing it to the world and not just wearing it underneath clothes.

In summary then: High marks on their underpants, not so much on their tees (especially because their undergarments are not on the cheap side). I'm curius to hear your thoughts if you've given them a try, so let me know what you think as well.