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What I Learned About Skincare This Vacation

June 13, 2016 2 min read

What I Learned About Skincare This VacationSo every year around this time, my wife and I try to take a vacation alone together just to get away from life's every day pressures and re-connect. This year, we headed to Aruba and while I learned many things during our trip in regards to the island, I also learned a few things about my skin care routine ...which I'd like to share with you now (think of them as gifts I brought back from my trip just for you):

1) If you are used to using powder daily... DON"T leave home without it. I found this out the hard way as we missed the last leg of our flight to Aruba (thanks American!) and had to spend the night at a hotel in Miami. Our luggage remained at the airport as they sent us to a hotel to spend the night until the next flight  left the following morning. After just two hours in the Miami humidity, I found myself searching for a drug store so that I could buy some powder to hold me over until I could re-connect with my beloved Man Powder. My wife thought I was nuts but that IS how uncomfortable I was without it.

2) Matte For Men Complete Face Care Lotion is the perfect skin care lotion to bring on a trip. As a "5 in 1" product, it does so many things well that I don't have to bring multiple products with me. The only negative, if you will, is that the pump bottle isn't always the easiest to travel with (SPOILER ALERT: This is being addressed as we speak).

3) Catching up on sleep makes a HUGE difference in your skin's appearance. The rest really does you good on so many fronts but it seems as if there are so few times that it is possible to get the required 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

4) Applying sunscreen correctly the first day, helps you enjoy all the remaining days. Simple enough, but critical in not spoiling the time you have on vacation.

Well, thats what I learned this year on vacation... oh wait, there is one more tidbit I can share with you: Don't EVER connect through Dallas if you have a choice s its a big cluster ----!