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The One Grooming Tool Men Need But Probably Don't Have

January 17, 2013 3 min read

hairy faceNo...we're not talking about a nail clipper, razor, or comb. These are a given, but there is one "tool" men often overlook in their grooming arsenal that is easy to use, inexpensive, AND can make all of the difference in how you look. And that essential piece of equipment is....

The tweezers.

Yes, the tweezers and lets get the following out of the way: No...its not a "women's tool". It is a hair-removingtool and trust me, you need one. From the occasional "stray hair" to the bush growing out of every hole on your head... no one looks good with these unwanted "weeds" on our face. No matter how great a "gardener" you protest to be...I can assure you that you will face these pests sooner or later (by the way...we chose the gardening analogy because stray hairs and weeds are very similar: they grow fast, look bad, and are never wanted).

Let's examine what our versatile little friend, the tweezers, can address:

  • Nose Hair - It may be helpful from a "biological" standpoint, but those eager beavers that pop out of your nostrils need to be tamed.
  • Ear Hair -  When I was single, a good friend of mine and I were about to head out in search of the opposite sex. As we were leaving his apartment in NYC, I noticed a few long hairs coming out of his ear. Now unless he was trying to find women attracted to a guy that looks like a nutty college professor, those stragglers weren't going to help his cause. Although I felt a little uneasy pointing them out, as a friend I had to help him so I gently mentioned it to him. He ran back into the apartment, disappeared into the bathroom, and came out a few seconds later looking the way a guy should look: like he gives a shit.
  • Eye Brows - Yes...they are plural and should stay that way. Keep them separate and somewhat defined unless you WANT to look like you own a diner.
  • A Random Whisker- Probably the most frequent violator. Whether its longer than the rest or its decided to be a unique color...get rid of it quickly as diversity isn't always a good thing.

Okay...okay... at this point you are probably asking "Why can't I just use a scissor or one of those 'nose hair removers/buzzers' I see on TV?". Well you can but here's why we prefer a good old tweezers:

  • Tweezers remove hair at the root... scissors and buzzers don't. That means you can enjoy a longer period before they return.
  • Ever stick a sharp scissor in your nose? Trust us... nothing good can happen.
  • Tweezers don't need electricity or batteries and can be used anywhere. Don't rest the fate of your big date on a few AAA's.
  • A tweezers is like a utility infielder ... while it is great at removing hairs, it can do a number of jobs well. From removing a splinter to helping open a box, you can bet you'll use it for a few things you've never dreamed of.

Before I end this post that I hope saves you years of embarrassment, heed this warning comes with a price and, in this case,  that price is a little pain (especially when removing nose hair). It will take a little getting used to... at first it will hurt a bit, your eyes may water, and your nose may get stuffy, but hang in there as it gets easier as you get used to it. Remember this: A little pain now is worth not having a hot girl stare at that one hair sticking out of your nose. Isn't it?