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What Causes Skin Shine?

May 01, 2013 1 min read

skin shineYep ... we get this question all the time (and its a good one). There are indeed a few major causes of shiny skin and these are the two biggest:

1) Oil secreted from your own skin can lead to the appearance of skin shine. It stands to reason that removing this extra oil will reduce its appearance.

2) The smoothness of your skin. Think of your skin like you would a mirror ... when the mirror is a little dusty (and therefore the mirror's surface isn't as smooth), your reflection isn't as clear. The same principle applies to your skin ... and there are many natural ingredients that can help "de-smooth" your skin without you even knowing they are there.

Short of any underlying medical condition, these causes can easily be addressed with our Complete Face and Head Care Lotion ... because, let's face it, shiny skin can look "dirty" even when it isn't.