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Why Our Handmade Soap Is The Best

April 01, 2013 2 min read

cleansing barI remember as a kid that my mom would always buy the family "Irish Spring" soap for use in the showers. While I recall that it smelled nice, it also always gave me a rash on my inner thighs (too much info?).

You may be asking yourself "why is he sharing this trivial boyhood info?". Here's why: Too many commercial soaps contain ingredients that are actually irritants to the skin. it was for this reason I developed Matte For Men Handcrafted Natural Cleansing Bar. Another fact from my childhood days: I also remember seeing people on the side of the road in New England selling handmade fresh soap. I also recall stopping with my parents and buying some. Man...that soap smelled great, but more importantly, it never gave me the rash that Irish Spring did.

So when I ventured out to launch a soap for the Matte For Men line, I decided to keep it as simple and effective as possible. My lavender / oatmeal soap was born. What makes this particular soap so great is the following:

"Using only the finest ingredients, our natural soap is carefully handmade and certified organic to USDA standards. The proprietary formula is made in small batches and requires six weeks to produce. The end result is this premium face and body handmade soap bar that lasts nearly twice as long as other soap bars. The lavender contained in Matte For Men Hand Crafted Natural Cleansing Bar works to relax pores, while the organic oatmeal gently exfoliates, revealing younger looking skin."

Just know this: the soap is made by hand, dermatologists use it personally and for their patients with extremely sensitive skin, and it smells great due to the organic ingredients (oh yeah...the chunks of oatmeal in our bar work to gently exfoliate the skin as well). As our carton states...You can even pronounce everything we put in it! One of our most effective products ... I just wish my mom had put it in our shower when I was a kid so I didn't have to go to school walking funny.