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Why Do Men Use Powder?

March 03, 2014 2 min read

powderYou'd be surprised by how many times a week we get asked this question. I guess we have taken it for granted that men just know what the benefits are to using a good body powder on a regular basis. For this ... our apologies. So to make amends, here are some of the top reasons you should be making powder a part of your daily routine:

1) Remember when you were a baby and your loving mom would apply baby powder after a bath or diaper change? She knew best then and its time you know best now. Powder absorbs excess moisture in places where you tend to sweat and therefore reduces chaffing and skin discomfort.

2) Don't quite get it yet? Do yourself a favor ... compare how you feel after a shower when applying a body powder to areas prone to sweat vs. not applying one. You'll know what we mean very quickly.

3) Powder 101 .... "Areas you tend to sweat" include underarms, between your legs (yes...your "balls"), your back, and feet.

4) Talc vs Cornstarch? Ahhhh...the age-old question. We prefer cornstarch because it is plant-derived and tends not to make as much of a mess.

5) "But I don't want to smell like a baby!" ... well, you don't have to! Our Man Powder not only is made from pure cornstarch, but it also has a light citrus scent which disappears very quickly so you won't smell like you are wearing Old Spice. Not only that, we've added baking soda to help our Man Powder control odor as well.

So, in summary: Your mom knew what was best for your skin ... and its about time you did too.