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Worst Mens Grooming Ad For 2015

September 23, 2015 1 min read

Worst Mens Grooming Ad For 2015We know ... there are still a few months left in 2015 but we are pretty confident that this ad will be the worst of them all.

By now you have probably seen this Gillette ad a hundred times. It's for a new "Gillette Shave Club" where you can have new razors blades sent directly to your home instead of buying them at the store.

Here's why this commercial takes home the trophy: "Robert From Bloomfield" (as the main "star" is known) is wearing a sweater vest while he is shaving! Who does that??? All kidding aside : while we absolutely love their blades, why would Gillette use a guy that looks more like a werewolf than he does a human ...especially to promote a grooming product?

My only regret in giving the award to this interesting choice is that we don't have a picture to show you of his back (let's just say that his back has never seen a Gillette blade, or anything sharp for that matter).  Clearly Robert has never tried Gillette's other product....the personal trimmer.

Kudos to Gillette for almost turning a whole generation off to the idea of personal grooming.