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Why Men Dont Take Care Of Their Skin

November 09, 2015 3 min read

Why Men Dont Take Care Of Their SkinAfter almost ten years in the men's skin care business and having spoken to literally hundreds of men about their skin care needs, we think we have finally figured out the answer to the age-old question: "Why don't most men take the time to really care for their skin?"

Here is what years of experience, interviews with hundreds of men, and some common sense has taught us:

  • "We are indestructible" - Most men don't really give any thought to the health and wellness of there skin. This is especially true until a man reaches his mid-thirties and signs of aging begin to appear. What they don't realize is that they could have taken a few simple steps to delay the onset of these symptoms (i.e. wrinkles) and even lessen their appearance. One of the reasons for this "lack of consideration" is societal.; when is the last time you can recall hearing your dad say "Junior...make sure you use a good moisturizer that contains an SPF of at least 25"? You can't because he didn't. Simply put: girls are taught at a young age how to apply make up, while boys are not taught anything at all regarding what's good for their skin.
  • The "Macho" factor - Until recently, it wasn't "cool" to care for your skin. "Real" men were supposed to be "rugged" and deal with nature as it came. So what if your outside with the sun beating down on your face for hours or if you used a 99 cent shave cream to shave? The thought was that being outdoors is good for you and "shave cream is just shave cream". You can certainly choose to bury your head from the facts, but we now know that what was simply excepted for so many years, is simply not the best course of action from a benefit standpoint.
  • "Men's skin care is complicated and time consuming" - We all know where this one started ... just watch any woman get ready for work in the morning. Men often get confused by assuming that caring for their own skin will take as long as when a woman puts on her make up. The other issue is where does a guy turn to learn about what products he should use and what they do. There are so many men's skin care companies that count on this confusion to try and sell a man multiple products in hopes that they result in healthier, better looking skin. Don't believe me? Just walk into any department store and look at their grooming section. Then ask yourself this question: Why does the same company offer 20 different types of shave cream? Why don't they just offer the one that is the best at what it is supposed to do?
What is truly a shame is that most men are missing out on the huge benefits of taking care of their skin (both from a health perspective as well as an appearance one) based on these "non-truths". When Matte For Men was launched in 2007, it was designed to address these misconceptions. All of the products in the line are multi-purpose, are easy to use and show results quickly. We make only one of every product in a category because we believe that there can only be one formula that is the best at what it does and that's the formula we offer to consumers. We've even made it simple for men to "ease into" learning the benefits of skin care by offering a Men's Skin Care Starter Set which contains the essentials: Complete Face Care Lotion with SPF 30, Antioxidant Shave Gel, and Complete Cleansing Cloths. And, for a limited time, it is being offered at 30% off the regular price.
In closing, men have a simple choice to make: they can either get with the times (& research) and spend a little time and effort investing in the present (and future) of their skin's health and appearance by using truly effective products that don't have to be confusing and complicated OR they can continue being "rugged" and paying the price later. (and, yes, we know that this last sentence is a bit of a run-on, but cut us some slack as we only profess to know men's skin care, not appropriate sentence structure!)