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Your Grooming Effects The Superbowl Outcome

January 30, 2013 1 min read

superbowlSure think we're crazy, right? Yeah ... crazy like a fox!

Ever notice that when things go right for you, you are looking and feeling your best? This may be a stretch but Ive noticed that Ive never gotten that "big date" or landed a job when I felt and looked like, well, shit.

I'll even take it a step further: I enjoy placing a wager every now and then on some of my favorite teams in Las Vegas. Call me nuts (or maybe a little superstitious) but I tend to win those bets more often when Im well rested and feeling good. That usually happens after a hot shower, a shave, and a little face care.

So here's my theory in a nutshell : "Well Groomed = A Good Chance Your Team Will Win"!

PS - My pick for the big game ... San Francisco (and trust me ... while the players will be wearing their helmets, Ill be wearing my Complete Face Care Lotion!)