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How Men Can Winterize Their Skin

November 24, 2015 2 min read

How Men Can Winterize Their Skin"Weather" we like it or not, Old Man Winter is just around the corner. This means freezing temperatures, windy days and snowy nights. To make sure your skin successfully survives another winter season, I have put together a few pieces of advice that will help keep your skin looking and feeling its best::

1) Moisturize- Nothing will dry out your skin faster than a cold, wet, windy day (or night). Sure you could do nothing... but don't complain to me when you skin looks dry and flaky...then starts to itch! The key areas to use a good, non-greasy body moisturizer on include your hands, arms, and legs .Now for your face ... use one specifically formulated for that area. I recommend using one that is a little more moisturizing than one you would use in the summer to combat the strong effects of colder weather.

2) Protect Your Lips- Here is where most men first realize that winter is upon us!This is simply because our lips are usually moist resulting in colder weather drying them out quickly. The result is dry, chapped lips. The simple solution is a good, naturally based lip balm that contains essential oils and SPF, like Matte For Men's  Hydrating Citrus Lip Balm. (Oh yeah...guys you'll want to still look like a man this winter so don't use those girlie "squeeze tubes" that leave your lips glossy. Remember: it takes a real man to stand outside in sub-zero degree temperature shoveling snow off the look like one please.)

3) Sunscreen Please- Just because its cold outside, doesn't mean that the sun is less damaging to your skin. In fact, think of snow as one of those old time reflectors we used to sit outside with to help gain that "healthy" glow quicker (and if you are like also used baby oil mixed with iodine as a tanning those were the days!!!). The snow will actually reflect the suns rays onto your face so make sure you use a facial moisturizer with a high level of SPF. We recommend an SPF of 25 like in Matte For Men's Complete Face and Head Care Lotion.

4) Stay Hydrated - Here's what happens in the winter: folks usually turn the thermostat up in their homes and offices to try and stay warm. What this means is that the air in those places is dryer than usual which quickly  leads to moisture evaporation from your skin. Ahhh...the circle of life! My point: drink plenty of water during the winter months as well.

 Well...this should be a good start to helping you look and feel your best during the winter freeze (even in Arizona).

(This is a re-print from November, 2013)