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Why You Stink

December 09, 2015 1 min read

Why You StinkI have to admit that the smell of body odor (or "BO" for short) is my "kryptonite". The very thought of it makes my knees go weak, so the following information is provided for the approximate 12% of you that that offend the rest of us by day's end...

After many years of research, I found that the best, and most succinct, explanation for the cause of your stink is the following:

Glands in our body known as "apocrine glands", release sweat (aka "perspiration" for you sophisticated folk) in response to several factors including stress, temperature, and hormones. Thats when the naturally occurring bacteria on your skin kicks in to begin breaking down the protein and fatty acids in the sweat. Its this bacterial breakdown that actually causes you to  make others want to run away.

Here's the good news... there are two simple solutions to your problem (and yes...it is a problem!): Stay clean and stay dry. Need more specifics??? If so, the following "prescription" is for you:

  1. Shower daily and only wear clean cloths. This will reduce the amount of odor-causing bacteria on you skin.
  2. Use antiperspirant or body powder in the areas that you tend to sweat most in (i.e. your underarms and "down below"). I launched Matte For Men Man Powder for this very reason. Its all-natural cornstarch formula absorbs perspiration while baking soda helps to deodorize. 

Think of these tips as a holiday gift to you that will help benefit the rest of us.

 Finally...Have a very happy and healthy holiday season!